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Songyi Han

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Mississippi State University


Seale, R. Daniel

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Shmulsky, Rubin

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Street, Jason

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


This work conducted market research on the use of smartphones and smartphone applications in the forest products industry and academia. This research also attempted to project how likely the industry would be to use an app that measures stiffness of wood. After the review of scholarly literature and existing apps, data was collected via an online survey. Participants were individuals who work with wood or wood-based products. Out of 1,221 invitations, 311 were returned at the response rate of 27.2 percent. Data was analyzed using SPSS statistics. Nearly all of the respondents (95.7%) had smartphones, and over half of them were iOS users (52.3%). More respondents had paid apps experiences (45.2%) than in-app purchases (28.5%). Regarding responses’ perceptions toward the app, the respondents expressed that the app could be useful, and were interested in the app. Millennials showed a higher interest level in the app than other generations.