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Xin Sun

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Mississippi State University


Zhang, Jilei

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Wan, Hui

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Jones, Paul David

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Borazjani, Abdolhamid

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


This study was performed to investigate how pressure, glue amount, dowel penetration depth and wood grain orientation affect direct withdrawal resistances of dowel pin joints both experimentally and numerically, and develop FE (finite element) models to simulate tensile strength, contact pressure, and shear stress occurred in dowel pin joints. Results indicated that the direct withdrawal resistance load of a dowel pin joints can be predicted based on knowing the glue bonding shear strength between dowel and joint member materials and the pressure between the contact surfaces of the dowel and hole of a connected joint member. The FE contact element model developed in this study was verified as an effective tool to analyze and predict the pressure between the contact surface of dowel and hole of a dowel-pin joint.