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Blaz Miklavi

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Mississippi State University


Kirkland, Brenda

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Grimes, Craig

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Geomorphic features have been one of the major tools for sea-level change studies. The present work shows an example of sea-level change study on karst terrain in the tropics. Sea-level notches as well as flank margin caves were identified in the research area and their elevation measured. The time of formation of the sea-level indicators was constrained by lithology study and dating methods such as facies comparison and U-Th dating. Denudation and uplift were also studied for the same purpose. From this study it can be concluded that sea-level stands within the glacial cycle can cause the formation of flank margin caves and that the position of these sea-level stands can be determined. The research area was estimated to have cumulatively uplifted ~22 m in the past 125 ka years (~0.18 mm/yr) while the surface has been denuded some 8 m in the same span of time (~0.064 mm/yr).