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From conceptualization to implementation :the use of performance measures, funding and accountability systems in the public sector

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Mississippi State University


Clynch, Edward

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Shaffer, Steve

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Goodman, Doug

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Breaux, David

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Person, William

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Dissertation - Open Access


This dissertation research uses the No Child Left Behind Act to assess two essential performance measure issues, measure development and the use of performance measures to enhance effectiveness. The study specifically explores what impact political party unity, the percentage of certified teachers, the percentage of state NEA members, past performance, per capita income, the percentage of minority students, and spending per pupil have on the level of challenge associated with performance measure development as well as the change in outcome. The level of challenge associated with performance measures is captured in a 6 point performance index. The change in outcome is defined as the change in 8th grade NAEP math and reading results during the life span of the act. The results reveal that the level of difficulty associated with performance measures was significantly related to variables in the model. The change in outcome was also influenced by strength of state performance measures as well as other variables included in the model.


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