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Mississippi State University


Lu, Shi-En

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Smith, James

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Sabanadzovic, Sead

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


he 56-kb ocfC gene cluster is required for occidiofungin production by Burkholderia contaminans strain MS14. However, the function of the ocfC gene remains unknown. Sequence analysis showed the putative protein encoded by ocfC shares significant identities to glycosyltransferase. Plate bioassays showed that occidiofungin production by the ocfC mutant (ocfC::nptII) was significantly reduced as compared with strain MS14. The occidiofungin produced by the ocfC mutant is xyloseree, which suggests the ocfC gene encodes a xylosyltransferase to add a xylose to the peptide backbone. Single variant optimization of culture condition and medium compositions was also performed in this study. The results indicated that occidiofungin production was promoted with higher cell density inoculum, additional casamino acid, xylose, urea, zinc ions, and at pH 5. The findings have provided insights into development of pharmaceutical drug and agricultural biofungicide.