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Mississippi State University


Stokes, Michael L.

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Luke, Edward A.

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Oppenheimer, Seth F.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Computational Engineering (Program)

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Master of Science


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Computational Engineering Program


Most commercial CAD systems do not offer sufficient support for the design activity. The reason is that they cannot understand the functional requirements of the design product. The user is responsible for maintaining the functional requirements in different design phases. By incorporating constraint programming concepts, these CAD systems would evolve into systems which would maintain the functional requirements in the design process, and perform analysis and simulation of geometric models. The CAD systems incorporated with constraint programming concepts would reduce design time, avoid human fatigue and error, and also maintain consistency of the geometric constraints imposed on the model. The G+ system addresses these issues by introducing a constraint-based system for geometric modeling by object-oriented methods. The G+ is designed such that available specialized algorithms can be utilized to enable handling of non-linear problems by both iterative and non-iterative schemes.