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Mississippi State University


Warnock, James

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Yu, Fei

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Hernandez, Rafael

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Mlsna, Todd

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Biological Engineering

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Master of Science (M.S.)


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Biomass-derived hydrocarbons that include gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel will help replace finite fossil fuel hydrocarbons of the same range. This study showed that temperature could be controlled in a scaled-up reactor system using three types of syngas. The CO conversion, selectivity and amount of product created from each type of syngas were examined. Clean syngas composed of 40% H2, 20% CO, 12% CO2, 2% CH4, and 26 % N2 was used to test ideal stoichiometric molar values. Clean syngas composed of 19% H2, 20% CO, 12% CO2, 2% CH4, and 47 % N2 was used to test an ideal contaminateree synthesis gas situation to mimic our particular downdraft gasifier. Gasifier wood syngas composed of 19% H2, 20% CO, 12% CO2, 2% CH4, 46 % N2, and 1% O2 was used in this study to determine the feasibility of using gasified biomass syngas to produce gasolinerange hydrocarbons.