A Reinterpretation of the Chanak Crisis through the Lens of the Eastern Question


Ali Benek


Hay, William Anthony

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Osman, Julia Anne

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Barbier, M. Kathryn

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Arts


This thesis traces the roots of the Chanak Crisis, which brought Britain and Turkey on the brink of war in September 1922. After the analysis of the British Near Eastern policy throughout the 19th century up until the Chanak Crisis, the author concludes that the confrontation at Chanak was basically a continuation of the Eastern Question, which had revolved around the Anglo-Russian rivalry over the control of the Turkish Straits. While Britain pursued the closure of the Straits until the World War I to prevent Russia accessing to the Mediterranean, the British post-war strategy focused on ensuring the “freedom of the Straits.” The Turkish advance toward Chanak after the victory over Greeks, however, posed a great threat to British plans. In the face of hints of the cooperation between the Turkish Nationalists and Russia, the British government, therefore, took a decision to hold Chanak at the risk of military confrontation.



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