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Grado, Stephen C.

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Gordon, Jason S.

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Kushla, John D.

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Henn, R. Alan

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


College of Forest Resources


Department of Forestry


Trunk height, diameter, and stomatal conductance measurements were taken over a three-year time frame on clonal red maple cultivars [Acer rubrum ‘Frank Jr’] on two sites with varying conditions. Physiological and morphological effects on tree growth were measured on both sites in response to Pneumatic Fracturing (PF) and Liquid Injection (LI) treatments. The primary questions asked in study one were: (1) Does stomatal conductance differ among the two sites during mid-summer? and (2) Do height and diameter measures differ among the two sites? In study two, I asked: (1) Do height, diameter and stomatal conductance differ between site modification treatments within each site? Control samples on the Site 2 had significantly more growth than the controls on the Site 1. PF and LI treatments showed significantly more diameter growth on the Site 1 while a significant difference was also seen in stomatal conductance following treatments on Site 1.