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Mississippi State University


Chamra, Louay M.

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Jalalzadeh-Azar, Ali A.

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Hodge, B. K.

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Steele, W. Glenn

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Science


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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The purpose of this research is to investigate human comfort criteria under steady-state conditions as a function of ambient air temperature, mean radiant temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, level of activity, and clothing insulation. Since the current ASHRAE Standard 55-1994 is for sedentary activity, this study will consider relative humidity (20% to 65%), dry bulb temperature (73 oF to 82 oF), air velocity (30 fpm and 50 fpm), and sedentary-to-moderate activity. The mean radiant temperature will be taken to be the same as the ambient air temperature. The experimental results collected at the Kansas State University Environmental Test Chamber are compared with the Fanger (1982) thermal comfort model and with ASHRAE Standard 55-1994. The experimental study results agreed well with ASHARE Standard 55-1994 for 1-met activity level (sedentary), and the thermal comfort for 1-met activity level was predicted with reasonable accuracy by Fanger?s (1982) Model. For 2.3 met activity level, the experimental results did not agree with ASHRAE Standard 55-1994 or the Fanger Model predictions.