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McAnally, William H.

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Stockstill, Richard

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Eamon, Christopher D.

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Civil Engineering

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Master of Science


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The hydrodynamic pressures acting on a floating guardwall can be considered to be a fluid-structure interaction problem. In this research, the fluid-structure system is decoupled assuming that the effects of the structural response on the fluid load pattern are negligible. Therefore, initially, the effects of the flow and pressure distribution, due to the presence of the structure, were computed and then used as boundary conditions for the structural analysis of the guardwall. The deformation of the guardwall was then used to recompute the fluid loads. Because the fluid loading did not change significantly, the decoupling is considered to be valid. In order to obtain the hydrodynamic pressures, an existing 2-D finite element model ? HIVEL2D ? was used with the lock wall being represented by a pressure field on the water surface. The structural system was modeled using the ANSYS finite element program.