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Mississippi State University


Holmes, Megan

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Vickers, John Bradley

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Chander, Harish

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Exercise Physiology

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Master of Science


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Department of Kinesiology


Adolescent prevalence of obesity and at-risk WC has continued to rise worldwide. Sleep duration, sleep quality, and physical activity have been hypothesized as contributing factors to this increase. PURPOSE: This study aimed to examine the sleep–obesity relation in adolescents. METHODS: Using data from the 2015-2016 NHANES(n=454; ages 16-18 years), the effect of sleep duration, sleep quality, and MVPA on BMI and WC by gender was analyzed using appropriate sampling weights. RESULTS: Longer sleep duration was associated with increased BMI (β=0.07; 0.065, p<0.05) and WC (β=0.069; 0.13, p<0.05) among males and females. Poor sleep quality was associated with increased BMI among males and females (β= 0.04; 0.08, p< 0.05). A significant main effect was observed across sleep duration, sleep quality and MVPA via multiple regression for both BMI and WC. CONCLUSIONS: For both males and females, BMI and WC were impacted by excessive sleep, poor sleep quality, and low MVPA, with greater associations among males.