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Mississippi State University


Reese, Donna S.

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Little, Rainey

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Skjellum, Anthony

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Computer Science

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Master of Science


College of Engineering


Department of Computer Science


The increased size and complexity of the Internet necessitates a more substantial measurement protocol than is currently available. This work explores the IP Measurement Protocol, providing background information, covering the development of a reference implementation, and finally comparing its accuracy, overhead, and ease of implementation to the current generation of protocols used in network measurement. Vmware, a hardware simulation application, was used to simulate a network on which to test IPMP, as well as compare it to current generation tools. Ipmp_ping, a tool written to test IPMP, was pitted against ping and traceroute in order to attain round trip time, one-way delay, and path discovery measurements. The accuracy and overhead of these tools were compared to each other. Although ipmp_ping had more overhead than ping when measuring round trip time, it was just as accurate and more capable. Ipmp_ping proved to be much more efficient than traceroute with similar accuracy. Overall, ipmp_ping was as accurate and had negligibly more or significantly less overhead than the tools it was compared to while providing more functionality and being easy to implement.