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Latif Oksuz

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Mississippi State University


Hardin, James W.

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Peacock, Evan

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Galaty, Michael L.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Applied Anthropology

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures


Tell Halif gives us an example of the pillared house from the Iron Age II period. Based on this house, what we can address is whether there is a typical set of activities undertaken in this house. Do the “de facto” assemblages of artifacts reflect a typical everyday use of space or a different use of space because of military activity associated with the siege and destruction of the settlement? It can be demonstrated from Tell Halif’s archaeological data that, once the specific activities are identified, their organization also can be identified. These remains are compared with other Iron Age houses from the same site and other sites in the Negev and the southern Shephelah. The purpose of this research is to examine and add to our understanding of the Iron Age household and how it is reflected in the patterning of artifacts in the buildings occupied by the household.