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Mississippi State University


Cossman, Jeralynn S.

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Morrison, Emory

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Chi, Guangqing

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work


Approximately 63 percent of the U.S. adults are overweight or obese, however all groups are not affected equally. Little research has observed the obese compared to the overweight. This study aims to examine how measures associated with health differentially influence overweight and obesity. Data from the 2007 BRFSS were analyzed using logistic regression to assess variations due to socioeconomic, demographic, and health risk measures on overweight and obesity. Variations were assessed by age groups and sex. Differences across the subgroups were tested. The results showed that associated effects of overweight and obesity for young adults differ little from those of all adults. Overweight and obese young adults were also found to be more similar than different. When the analyses were sex-stratified, overweight young men were found to be significantly different from obese young men. Age-stratified analyses found that the youngest age groups differed more in their associated effects.