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Mississippi State University


Knight, Adam C.

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Nicodemus, Molly C.

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Holmes, Megan E.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Exercise Physiology

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Master of Science


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Department of Kinesiology


Autism is a disorder that has increased in numbers and prevalence within today’s society. Though no cure has been found, recent studies have focused on different therapeutic intervention techniques offered to autistic individuals, including the use of Therapeutic Horseback Riding. This study analyzes the relationship of therapeutic horseback riding on gross motor function in children with Autism. Four children participated in a ten week previously established therapeutic horseback riding program at French Camp, Mississippi. Gross motor function was assessed before and after five riding sessions by recording performances of eleven skills from Motor Skills Inventory (MSI). Only two participants completed all riding sessions and MSI assessments to be eligible for this study. Statistical analysis was conducted using Friedman’s Two Way Analysis of Variance by Ranks. There were no significant differences in the assessments before/after the riding sessions as well as the entire period of the ten week program.



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