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Veterinary Medical Sciences

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Edwardsiella ictaluri causes enteric septicemia of catfish (ESC), a devastating disease in the channel catfish industry. Our research group has developed several E. ictaluri live attenuated vaccine (LAV) candidates (EiΔevpB, EiΔevpBΔfur, EiΔevpBΔhfq, EiΔevpBΔfurΔhfq), which were able to stimulate an immune response in vaccinated channel catfish and reduce ESC. However, innate, and adaptive immune responses in the lymphoid tissues of channel catfish to these LAVs are not known well. The overall goal of the project is to determine the role of adaptive and innate immune responses in catfish after vaccination with LAVs. Analysis of innate and adaptive immune-related gene expressions showed that the LAVs induced expression of adaptive immune-related genes in lymphoid tissues with less inflammation compared to wild type control. Also, the LAVs induced the expression of IgM in the sera of catfish.



Edwardsiella ictaluri||channel catfish||adaptive immune responses||pro-inflammatory cytokines||live attenuated vaccines||Enteric septicemia of catfish||antibody titer

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