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Williams, Frankie

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Boggan, Matthew

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Dissertation - Open Access


Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Education Administration

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Leadership and Foundations


This study examined the perceptions of principals, teachers, and support staff at 3 PREPS-identified value added and three PREPS-identified value subtracted elementary schools in Mississippi to determine if there were effective schools practices in the areas of instructional and organizational systems that were unique to either group. The Survey of Instructional and Organizational Effectiveness from the National Study of School Evaluation was used to measure strengths and limitations of the effectiveness of the instructional practices and organizational conditions of each school. Descriptive statistics and comparative analysis were used to analyze responses to the 24-item survey. Results showed there were statistically significant differences between the value added and value subtracted schools for the categories of curriculum, instructional design, assessment, and leadership for school improvement. There were no significant differences in the categories of educational agenda, community-building, and culture of continuous improvement and learning.



indicators of organization||indicators of instruction||school improvement||school effectiveness||survey research design||descriptive research analysis