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Master of Science


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Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion


Wooden breast (WB) is a Pectoralis major muscle myopathy in broilers that has negatively impacted breast meat quality and the poultry industry for over five years. The objective of this research was to evaluate quality differences in normal (NOR), moderately woody (MOD), and severely woody (SEV) broiler breast meat marinated with water (control), water, sodium phosphate, and salt (traditional) and water, potassium carbonate and salt (clean label). The second objective of this research was to evaluate quality differences in chicken patties made with varying percentages of NOR to SEV breast meat (0% NOR, 33% NOR, 67% NOR, 100% NOR) and marinades using salt (control), salt and sodium phosphate (traditional), or salt and potassium carbonate (clean label) as functional ingredients in patties. Overall marination did not significantly improve eating quality of WB meat, and no more than 33% of SEV WB meat should be added to any comminuted chicken product.



chicken breast||woody||myopathy||water holding capacity||marination