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Lemley, Caleb O.

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Larson, Jamie

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Ward, Stephanie H.

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Sexten, Andrea K.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences


The objective was to examine effects of melatonin supplementation during late gestation on uterine artery hemodynamics, offspring growth, and endocrine profiles. Prior to day 170 of gestation, heifers were trained to the Calan feeding system. On day 190 of gestation, heifers (n = 20) were blocked by BW and then randomly assigned to one of two dietary treatments: 1) 20 mg of dietary melatonin per day (MEL) or 2) no melatonin supplementation (CON). Supplementation ceased on day 262 of gestation. A main effect (P < 0.01) of treatment was observed for total uterine artery blood flow with it being increased in MEL vs. CON. An interaction (P = 0.008) was observed in calf body weight increasing at weeks 8 and 9 in MEL vs. CON. Dietary melatonin could be used to potentially increase uterine blood flow and calf body weight.



melatonin||gestation||uterine hemodynamics||antioxidants