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Rodgers III, John C.

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Dewey, Christopher P.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


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This study examines the jobs-housing balance and the excess commute of Saturn employees in Spring Hill. Until recently, the number of jobs has greatly exceeded the number of houses. In 2005 the balance is about even, however many newer residents are believed to be people who work in Nashville. Many Saturn employees live on the outskirts of Spring Hill and must commute longer distances to work. A spatial analysis using GIS of employee home locations shows that 74% of employees commute is in excess compared to if employees actually lived within Spring Hill. Surveys of Saturn employees shows traffic en route to work is a major frustration. It is suggested that future housing development in Spring Hill occur closer to Saturn. This will equilibrate the jobs-housing balance and will reduce the excess commute. Other Southern towns may wish to consider these results when planning for the development of automobile manufacturers.



jobs-housing balance||excess commute||commute||Saturn||Spring Hill automotive plant