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Mothers of ADHD children were surveyed using an on-line methodology. Respondents (n = 93) were largely well-educated and Caucasian. Their children had been diagnosed for an average of 2.7 years. Maternal attributions for their child's ADHD symptoms were examined for relationships with treatment acceptability and satisfaction with behavior modification, medication, and combined treatments. Results showed that mothers tended to view their child's symptoms as being uncontrollable, changeable, and situational. Also, mothers rated medication-based treatment options as more acceptable than behavior modification alone. Medication was rated as satisfactory by a majority of participants and as more satisfactory than behavior modification. No relationship existed between maternal attributions and treatment acceptability. Higher satisfaction with academic skills interventions was associated with lower maternal attributions of behavior stability. The opposite was true for satisfaction with medication. Overall, parents were optimistic about the future of their children’s symptoms and reported satisfaction with all treatment options.



diagnosis length||maternal attributions||adhd||treatment||satisfaction||treatment acceptability