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Li Ye

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Mississippi State University


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Dissertation - Open Access


Applied Physics

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Doctor of Philosophy


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


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Electron Compton scattering is the best known fundamental QED process, however, a precision measurement of its cross section for a beam energy above 1 GeV has been lacking up to now. An updated high precision measurement of the neutral pion lifetime via the Primakoff effect (PrimEx-II) experiment was performed in Hall B of Jefferson Lab in 2010. The experiment used small angle coherent photoproduction of πO's in the Coulomb field of a nucleus, i.e. the Primakoff effect, to determine the lifetime with a precision of less than $1.5%. It therefore requires thorough understanding of the underlying systematic uncertainties. To facilitate that data for well known electromagnetic processes were taken concurrently with the photoproduction data. This analysis pertains to measuring the Compton scattering cross section, which occurs with similar kinematics to the primary process. The combination of the well established theory for this process with large collected statistics allowed to extract this cross section with high precision in an energy region of 4-5 GeV for 12C and 28Si targets. The results of this analysis will be presented.



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