A study of the teachers perception of the quality of online education programs in selected community colleges and universities in Mississippi


Davis, James

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Scaggs, William

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Stonecypher, Wayne

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This study examined the perception of teachers among Mississippi Community Colleges and Universities concerning online courses and distance learning. With the enormous expansion in the amount of technical information that has become available during the past few decades, the challenge of retrieving required data has assumed gigantic proportions. In today’s society there is a rapid growth of technology. A quantitative survey was conducted to identify the teachers’ perception of online education. Two community colleges and two universities were selected to participate in this study. These institutions are geographically located in a widespread chain. The questionnaire consisted of 36 items that addressed the demographics and the instructors’ perception of the quality of online education. Specifically, data was collected to assess the adequacy of the instructional, technical, and administrative support for teaching online courses, the problems encountered, and whether WebCT and Blackboard adequately serve the instructional needs of students and instructors.



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