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Mississippi State University


Evans, David L.

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Fan, Zhaofei (Joseph)

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Grala, Robert K.

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Cooke, William H., III

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Dissertation - Open Access


Forest Resources

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Forestry


This study examined the severity of wind damage created by Hurricane Katrina in southeast Mississippi to determine how the disturbance was influenced by fragmentation based on different forest ownership groups (Non-corporate private forest, corporate private forest and public forest). MODIS-NDVI percent change products were coupled with ownership, rainfall, and Landsat based thematic maps depicting forest age and forest types using GIS techniques to examine potential contributing factors to possible damage for the study area. Multiple linear and binary logistic regression methods were used to explain the relationship between severity of damage and forest age, forest type, ownership, and rainfall. Results indicate that the NDVI percent change had a negative relationship with forest age diversity and a positive relationship with forest type diversity and rainfall. There was no clear and direct consistent relationship between NDVI percent change and forest ownership.



regression analysis||Katrina damage||MODIS-NDVI percent change