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Suxia Cui

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Mississippi State University


Fowler, James E.

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Moorhead, Robert J., II

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Younan, Nicolas H.

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Philip, Thomas

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Dissertation - Open Access


Computer Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Despite being the prefered approach for still-image compression for nearly a decade, wavelet-based coding for video has been slow to emerge, due primarily to the fact that the shift variance of the discrete wavelet transform hinders motion estimation and compensation crucial to modern video coders. Recently it has been recognized that a redundant, or overcomplete, wavelet transform is shift invariant and thus permits motion prediction in the wavelet domain. In this dissertation, other uses for the redundancy of overcomplete wavelet transforms in video coding are explored. First, it is demonstrated that the redundant-wavelet domain facilitates the placement of an irregular triangular mesh to video images, thereby exploiting transform redundancy to implement geometries for motion estimation and compensation more general than the traditional block structure widely employed. As the second contribution of this dissertation, a new form of multihypothesis prediction, redundant wavelet multihypothesis, is presented. This new approach to motion estimation and compensation produces motion predictions that are diverse in transform phase to increase prediction accuracy. Finally, it is demonstrated that the proposed redundant-wavelet strategies complement existing advanced video-coding techniques and produce significant performance improvements in a battery of experimental results.



video coding||motion estimation and motion compensation||multihypothesis motion compensation||irregular triangle mesh||redundant discrete wavelet transform