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Kyungtae Yun

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Mississippi State University


Luck, Rogelio

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Cho, Heejin

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Srinivasan, Kalyan K.

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Mago, Pedro J.

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Dissertation - Open Access


Mechanical Engineering

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Doctor of Philosophy


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Mechanical Engineering


Traditional power plants only utilize about 30 percent of the primary energy that they consume, and the rest of the energy is usually wasted in the process of generating or transmitting electricity. On-site and near-site power generation has been considered by business, labor, and environmental groups to improve the efficiency and the reliability of power generation. Combined heat and power (CHP) systems are a promising alternative to traditional power plants because of the high efficiency and low CO2 emission achieved by recovering waste thermal energy produced during power generation. A CHP operational algorithm designed to optimize operational costs must be relatively simple to implement in practice such as to minimize the computational requirements from the hardware to be installed. This dissertation focuses on the following aspects pertaining the design of a practical CHP operational algorithm designed to minimize the operational costs: (a) real-time CHP operational strategy using a hierarchical optimization algorithm; (b) analytic solutions for cost-optimal power generation unit operation in CHP Systems; (c) modeling of reciprocating internal combustion engines for power generation and heat recovery; (d) an easy to implement, effective, and reliable hourly building load prediction algorithm.



regression model||power generation unit||thermal load prediction||feedback control||real-time operation||optimization||CHP