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McKinney, Cliff

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Winer, E. Samuel

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Keeley, Jared Wayne

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Applied Psychology

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Master of Science


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Research has established a link between parental psychopathology, perceptions of parents, and child outcomes. Separately, negative perceptions of a parent and parental psychopathology are associated with negative outcomes. However, a stronger relationship may exist when these factors are combined. Current research indicates that children tend to view a parent with psychopathology more negatively and consequently are at a greater risk for psychopathology. Less research examines the outcomes of children who hold positive perceptions of a parent with psychopathology, as well as the effects of perceptions of parents on emerging adults. The current study tested a model where perceptions of parents moderated the relationship between parental psychopathology and emerging adult psychopathology. Results indicated that holding positive perceptions of a parent with internalizing problems puts an emerging adult at a greater risk for internalizing problems, whereas the effect of parental psychopathology and perceptions of parents on emerging adult externalizing problems was unclear.



Parental psychopathology||perceptions of parents||emerging adult psychopathology