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To date, research has established that parents continue to play a significant role in the lives of their emerging adult children. For example, parents continue to engage in parenting practices, such as providing ongoing, intensive support to their emerging adult children; however, few studies have examined the strategies that parents use when their children do not comply with their commands. Emerging evidence suggests parents do engage in discipline practices during this time and the use of harsh discipline (i.e., physical aggression) is associated with negative mental health outcomes for emerging adults. However, to our knowledge, no measure of discipline strategies used in emerging adulthood exists. Thus, the current study developed and examined the psychometric properties of the Domains of Young Adult Discipline Scale (DYADS), a multi-item measure of parental discipline strategies used during emerging adulthood. Results of CFAs revealed the best fitting model contained 25-items and spanned 4 domains of discipline. The final DYADS correlated as expected with existing parenting measures as well as a gross measure of emerging adult mental health. Implications for future research are discussed.



Emerging adulthood||discipline||parenting||mental