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Mississippi State University


Schauwecker, J. Timothy

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Brzuszek, Robert

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Wilkerson, Wayne

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Landscape Architecture

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Master of Landscape Architecture


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Landscape Architecture


The field of Landscape Architecture can further develop a niche for the design of sustainable productive landscapes. This study attempts to understand a major stakeholders’ perceptions and use of riparian buffers and other conservation practices for water quality in an agricultural watershed of Mississippi. A survey was distributed to agricultural producers in the Big Sunflower Watershed of the MS Delta. The survey informs the interested parties of producers’ perceptions and uses of riparian forested buffers, perceptions and uses of conservation practices that restore water quality, perceptions of their environment, perceptions of surface water quality, enrollment of governmental incentive programs, and utilization of digital technology. Analysis of this data could lead to a better understanding of the knowledge and attitudes farmers have of the riparian systems and watershed processes at work within the region and factors that influence the farmers’ decisions of implementing conservation plans.



regional planning||conservation planning||sustainable agriculture||conservation practices||riparian forested buffers||water quality||incentive programs||farmer adoption||watershed stewardship