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Adult overweight and obesity is a life-threatening health concern worldwide. Bariatric surgery is a successful treatment for severely obese individuals however, there is a moderate risk for weight regain. This study evaluated perception of food, supportive resistance resources, and nutrition knowledge, which play important roles in successful weight loss post bariatric surgery. Participants completed a three-part questionnaire at three time intervals: prior to surgery, 2 months post-surgery, and 5 months post-surgery. Results show that bariatric patients’ eating behavior significantly changes post bariatric surgery, but a disordered perception of food remains. Bariatric surgery patients believe support from significant others and family are most important and physical activity will help prevent weight regain. Results indicate that bariatric patients’ nutrition knowledge decreases over time and additional nutrition education may be needed within the first-year post-surgery. More research should be conducted in the area of bariatric surgery and how to prevent weight regain.



Obesity||Bariatric surgery||Weight-loss||Weight regain