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Hongfeng Wang

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Mississippi State University


Memili, Erdogan

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Chambers, Janice

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Crenshaw, Mark

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Uzumcu, Mehmet

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences


The effect of culture media and mycotoxin on porcine preimplantation embryonic development has been investigated. In the first experiment, porcine embryonic cleavage rates were similar in NCSU-23 and PZM-3 culture media, while more blastocysts were produced in PZM-3 (P<0.05). BAX and BCL2L1 transcription levels were similar in blastocysts cultured in both media. Cleavage rates were significantly decreased in the presence of cycloheximide (P<0.05), and both á-amanitin and cycloheximide completely inhibited blastocyst formation. In the mycotoxin experiment, porcine embryonic cleavage rates decreased in 10 ìM á-ZEA group, while blastocyst rates decreased in 30 ìM á-ZEA group (P<0.05). Total cell numbers of blastocysts were significantly lower in the 10 µM á-ZEA group (P<0.05). The transcription levels of POU5F1 and BCL2L1 were similar, while that of BAX and the ratio of BAX/BCL2L1 significantly increased in 3 ìM and 10 ìM á-ZEA groups compared to control group.



gene expression||porcine||embryo||culture medium||mycotoxin