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Computational Engineering

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Some important Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applications and flow solvers are strongly influenced by the effects of low Mach number and/or high heat transfer rates. The present study focuses on the validation of a new flow solver over a range of Mach numbers and heat transfer rates of practical interest. The validation study addresses both algorithm performance via convergence rate and accuracy via comparisons with an analytical similarity solution, for flow past a flat plate held at a constant temperature. The ranges of flow conditions investigated in this study are (0.1 <= Mref <= 3.0) and (0.1 <= Twall <= 10.0). The algorithm has been found to converge well for most flow conditions tested. Optimal convergence rate is more strongly influenced by choice of time step in subsonic flows than in supersonic flows. Validation comparisons show the algorithm to maintain a consistent and acceptable level of accuracy for most tested flow speeds and wall temperatures, with most deviations attributable to flow physics constraints imposed by the theoretical result or to grid resolution. One possible exception, where the outer range of capability of the present algorithm may have been reached, is noted.