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Blair, Benjamin F.

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Campbell, Randall Charles

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Rezek, John P.

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Thomas, M. Kathleen

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Dissertation - Open Access


Applied Economics

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Doctor of Philosophy


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The price pass-through relationship of retail gasoline markets in the United States has been examined on several levels. This dissertation takes two unique approaches to examine the pass-through behavior (1) a seemingly unrelated regressions model to survey regional differences in gasoline markets and (2) a pooled panel error-correction approach to analyze the effects of spatial competition on local Mississippi gasoline markets. The first model showed the presence of rockets and feathers on a regional level in the US. Moreover, every PADD had a long run asymmetric price pass-through relationship. I included variables to capture the effect of Hurricane Katrina. The inclusion of the Katrina variable indicated only the immediate period after the storm changed the pass-through behavior. Additionally, the market returned to the pre-Katrina pass-through relationship twelve weeks after the storm. The pooled panel model showed the presence of rockets and feathers in the state of Mississippi. It also indicated that the presence of spatial competition does have an effect on the price pass-through behavior. Moreover, the exact distance to the closest competitor did have a significant effect on the price pass-through relationship.



spatial competition||price pass-through||retail gasoline