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Schmitz, Darrel W.

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Wax, Charles L.

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Mylroie, John E.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


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Department of Geosciences


The United States Forest Service desires to build a 2,700 acre surface water reservoir by constructing a dam to impound water on Oakohay Creek in Smith County, Mississippi. A previous study from 2007 deemed the proposed location based on the hydrologic and geologic characteristics. The reinvestigation study objectives focused on the site’s hydrology and geology. The hydrologic study was accomplished by developing daily water storage models for the proposed reservoir. Archived data from the Southern Regional Climate Center were used in the models. The geologic study evaluated the Glendon Limestone through field surveying, ground penetrating radar, sonic rig drilling, surface water quantity measurements, and surface water quality analysis. A dedicated stream monitoring station was installed along the banks of Oakohay Creek. ArcGIS 9.3.1 and Microsoft Excel were used to support the objectives. Results from the study suggest that the proposed site location is suitable for reservoir development.



water storage models||karst||hydrology||geology||reservoir