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Mississippi State University


Fan, Joseph

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Evans, David L.

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Grebner, Donald L.

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Durbha, Surya S.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


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Department of Forestry


Small diameter trees refer to the trees with diameter at breast height (DBH) ranging from 5 to 11 inches. This research focuses on the resource analysis and spatial distribution of small-diameter tree (SDT) volume in Mississippi by a set of grouping variables including DBH class, species, stand size, forest cover type, ownership, and county groups. Regression and spatial interpolation techniques were used to predict the SDT volume for pine, hardwood, and mixed forest covers. Regression analysis resulted in a low regression coefficient (R2) without inventory data for all the forest cover types. The mean SDT volume to the total volume was greatest for pine (0.6), followed by mixed (0.4), and hardwood (0.3) forest cover. Non-spatial estimates indicated the total volume within respective groups. The spatial and non-spatial estimates of SDT resources can guide forest management personnel to effectively focus their management efforts.



resource analysis||ecological/environmental impacts||small diameter trees||biomass