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Mississippi State University


Horstemeyer, Mark F.

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Solanki, Kiran N.

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Tschopp, Mark A.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Mechanical Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Mechanical Engineering


The objective of this research is to simulate crashworthiness for Out-of-Position (OOP) occupants incorporating a 50th percentile Hybrid III dummy and a side curtain airbag in a 1996 Dodge Neon under side impact scenarios. Two different methods of airbag techniques namely, the uniform pressure (UP) and the smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) were compared. This study revealed that there is minimal difference between UP and SPH methods when the dummy’s head impacts the airbag after it has fully inflated. However, when the dummy’s head impacts the airbag during the inflation process, the modeling of the airbag gas dynamics becomes critical in predicting the dummy response. The SPH method, which models the gas dynamics in the airbag, causes the airbag to unroll more uniformly. Depending on the timing of the dummy’s head impact with the airbag these differences in inflation can produce significant differences in dummy head accelerations.



finite element analysis||out-of-position||Crashworthiness||Occupant safety