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Mathews, Jerry

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McGrath, Vincent R.

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Abraham, Patti S.

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Dissertation - Open Access


Educational Administration

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Doctor of Philosophy


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Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of teacher attributes and school contextual factors to student achievement in career and technical education in Mississippi. The teacher attributes years of teaching experience, degree(s) of attainment, professional development, and national board certification were included as independent variables. Additionally, the contextual factors of enrollment, academic achievement, and socio-economic status were included as independent variables. The statewide standardized assessment for career and technical education was used as the dependent variable measuring student achievement at the school district, career and technical program area, and individual career and technical course levels. The predictor model including all independent variables resulted in statistically significant variance explained in student achievement. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards® showed a statistically significant positive impact on student achievement at the school district level, the cooperative education and marketing program level, and the following five individual career and technical courses: allied health, automotive service technology, business and computer technology, early childhood services and education, and horticulture. Additionally, at the career and technical program level, academic achievement and degree(s) of attainment showed positive impacts on student achievement. Also, on the program level, more years of teaching experience, higher enrollment, and higher levels of socio-economic status showed negative impacts on student achievement. On the school district and program levels, attendance at the professional development workshop had a negative impact on career and technical student achievement.



vocational education||predictors||student achievement||career and technical