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Mississippi State University


Agiovlasitis, Stamatis

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Brown, Stanley P.

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Motl, Robert W.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Disability Studies

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Master of Science


College of Education


Department of Kinesiology


Background: Adults with Intellectual Disability (ID) experience health disparities that may be attributable to high sedentary behavior (SB). The levels and patterns of SB among U.S. adults with ID have received little attention. Purpose: To examine levels and patterns of SB in adults with ID. Method: The sample included 52 adults with ID who wore an accelerometer on the hip for 7 days. We determined total sedentary time, percent of wear time spent sedentary, number and duration of sedentary bouts, and breaks in sedentary time. We used t-tests and 2×2 ANOVA to evaluate the effects of sex or age-group and day of the week. Result: Adults with ID spent about 8-8.5 hours per day in SB and they primarily accumulated sedentary time in bouts 1-30 min in duration. Conclusion: Apart from small differences in SB, people with ID appear to have near uniform SB levels and patterns throughout the week.



Intellectual disability||Sedentary behavior||Accelerometer