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Doctor of Philosophy


The purpose of the study was to determine administrators’ self-assessed perceived knowledge, importance, and perceptions of the International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Administrators (ISTE Standards-A) and the Virginia Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel (VTSIP). A survey instrument based on the ISTE Standards-A and the VTSIP was used in the study. 43 administrators in Virginia participated in the study. The participants were members of the Virginia Association of Elementary or Secondary School Principals. The study found that administrators perceived their knowledge of the ISTE Standards-A as good and their knowledge of the VTSIP as excellent. Administrators strongly agreed that both the ISTE Standards-A and the VTSIP were important in their practice. Additionally, their perceptions of both the ISTE Standards-A and the VTSIP were excellent. There were no statistically significant differences found between the perception of the standards and most of the demographic variables. However, there was a statistically significant difference found between male and female perceptions of the VTSIP. Also, there was a statistically significant difference found between administrators’ perceptions of the ISTE Standards-A and perceptions of the VTSIP. The study provided quantitative data on administrators’ perceived knowledge, importance and perceptions of practicing the ISTE Standards-A and the VTSIP. The findings of this study provide valuable information for administrators as they investigate their technology leadership and note areas of improvement, and for the Virginia Department of Education, local education agencies and universities. It is recommended that future research look qualitatively at administrator perceptions of the standards and why males and females differ in their perception of the standards. Further research is also recommended using a larger sample in the state or nationwide, and conducting more research to look into administrative leadership preparation programs, administrators’ perceptions of practice, program alignment or administrator implementation of the ISTE Standards-A and the VTSIP.