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Kubra Celik

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Martin, James L.

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Langendoen, Eddy J.

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Civil Engineering

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Master of Science


James Worth Bagley College of Engineering


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Streambank erosion is a major problem and a major known source of sediment in impaired streams. Stream deterioration is mainly due to the excess sediment in the United States. Many models have been developed to predict streambank erosion and sediment transport in the streams. Determining the most sensitive soil-specific parameters of the CONCEPTS Model for Goodwin Creek, MS was the focus of the study. The Latin Hypercube Oneactor-At-a-Time (LH-OAT) method was used to complete the sensitivity analysis on soil-specific parameters in CONCEPTS. Overall results demonstrate that erodibility and critical shear stress parameters should be determined very carefully and realistic to determine streambank erosion and sediment transport rate more accurately. This sensitivity analysis also shows the minimum effects of suction angle and cohesion on results. In this case, making an assumption in a literal range, or safely ignoring them should not cause a big variation on CONCEPTS results.



Mississippi||Goodwin Creek||sediment transport||streambank erosion||sensitivity analysis||latin hypercube||LH-OAT||CONCEPTS