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Mississippi State University


Mazzola, Michael S.

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Koshka, Yaroslav

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Williams, John R.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Electrical Engineering

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Master of Science


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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


SiC etch development has been performed in a Lam TCP 9400SE II system (a system meant for polysilicon etching and modified for SiC etching). SiC etching has never been reported in this particular system. Various parameters (carrier material, pressure, gas additives, gas flow, and electrode power) were examined and their effects determined on etch rate and resulting surface morphology. An efficient carrier material (graphite), operating pressure (25 mTorr), and gas flow rate (30 sccm) for obtaining peak etch rates were determined for this system. Peak etch rates of 1254 Å/min. in CHF3:O2, 4314 Å/min. in SF6:O2, and 1255 Å/min. in NF3:O2 plasmas were obtained at 25 mTorr with 60%, 20%, and 30% O2 concentrations, respectively, and 1978 Å/min. in a NF3:Ar plasma with 10% Ar concentration. Gas additives were determined to have little or no effect in enhancing the etch rate at low pressures (2 mTorr). The addition of H2 in CHF3 plasmas resulted in severe polymerization when the concentration of H2 was 60% or greater. Increased bottom electrode power resulted in higher etch rates and more anisotropic etch profiles.