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Campbell, Charles A.

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Dissertation - Open Access


Applied Economics

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Doctor of Philosophy


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This research presented in this study demonstrates that county level population growth, economic growth, and localized social structure are interrelated. An analysis of the spatial distribution of these factors in the Southeast Region of the United States during the period of 1995-2000 also indicates the importance of differences in rural versus urban and coastal versus non-coastal areas as well as the importance of such factors as highways, large cities, and universities in economic, population, and social structure interrelationships. An extensive dataset is used in the analysis as a number of analysis tools including statistical analysis, econometric models, spatial econometric models, structural equation models, and GIS mapping.



Structural Equat||Nonrecursive SEM||GIS Raster Modeling||Spatial Lag Modeling||Socioeconomic Development of the Southeast||Spatial Econometrics||Cluster Analysis||GIS Modeling||SEM||Economic Growth in the Southeast||Population Growth in the Southeast||Multivariate Analysis||Social Development in the Southeast||Confirmatory Factor Analysis||CFA||EQS||Southeast Region of the United States