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Mississippi State University


Thompson, S. David

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Luke, Edward

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Koenig, Keith

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access


Aerospace Engineering

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Master of Science


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Department of Aerospace Engineering


Simulations were performed to evaluate solution adaptive meshing strategies for flows with vortices whose axes of rotation are parallel to the bulk fluid motion. Two configurations were investigated: a wing in a wind tunnel and a missile spinning at 30Hz and 60Hz at 0◦ angle of attack with canards deflected 15◦. Feature-based descriptors were used to identify regions of the flow near vortices that are candidate regions for adaptive meshing. Several different adaptive meshing techniques were evaluated. These techniques include refinement around the vortex core, refinement near the vortex extent surface, refinement inside the extent surface, refinement inside and near the extent surface, and mesh regeneration using the vortex extent surface as an embedded surface. Results for the wing case, compared to experimental data, indicate that it is necessary to refine the region within and near the vortex extent surface to accurately recreate physical characteristics and achieve an acceptable solution.



computational fluid dynamics||embedded surface||mesh regeneration||mesh refinement||solution adaptive meshing||vortex||vortices||cfd