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Samet Demirel

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Dissertation - Open Access


Forest Products

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Doctor of Philosophy


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This study investigated the lateral shear resistance of multi-staple joints, static and fatigue bending moment resistances of stapled gusset-plate joints, and fatigue bending performance of full size sofa structural members in three oriented strandboard (OSB) materials. It is concluded that the lateral shear resistance capacity of multi-staple joints in OSB can be predicted with power equations including single-staple lateral resistance capacity, number of staples, and material density. The bending moment resistance of stapled gusset plate joints in OSB can be predicted by mechanical models including the lateral resistance property of multi-staple joints. The static moment capacity study of a gusset-plate joint concluded that its maximum moment resistance is 2 times of its corresponding proportional limit moment resistance. Experimental results indicated that there was no significant difference in lateral shear resistance among vertically-aligned multi-staple joints constructed of three OSB materials even though there were significant differences in lateral resistance among single-staple joints in these three materials. However, there were significant differences in lateral resistances among horizontally-aligned multi-staple joints in three OSB materials. Fatigue test results concluded that the ratio of static to passed fatigue moment capacity of gusset-plate joints was 2.6. The proposed equations reasonably estimated fatigue life of less brittle OSB materials subjected to cyclic stepped and constant fatigue loads but underestimated the brittle OSB material. The ratios of material modulus of rupture to passed fatigue stress were 2.17 and 2.25 for cyclic stepped and constant cyclic tests, respectively.



standard||moment||BIFMA||GSA||staple||gusset plate||furniture frame||upholstered||fatigue||static||OSB