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Mississippi State University


Zhang, Dongmao

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Wipf, David O.

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Mlsna, Todd E.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Chemistry


With their unique photochemical properties, porphyrins have remained a central research topic for decades. Porphyrins can self-assemble into tubular structures at acidic pHs. However, the possibility of the disassembly of the aggregated porphyrin has not been investigated. Furthermore, quantitative understanding of the porphyrin optical activities is complicated by the complex interplay of the photon absorption, scattering, and fluorescence emission that can concurrently occur in porphyrin samples. Using meso- Tetrakis (4-sulfonato phenyl) porphyrin (TPPS) as the model molecule, discussed herein is combined UV-vis extinction, Stokes-shifted fluorescence, and polarized resonance synchronous spectroscopy (PRS2) study of porphyrin assembly and disassembly at acidic solutions. A series of optical constants, including photon absorption, scattering, and fluorescence emission cross-sections as well as its fluorescence and light scattering depolarizations has been quantified. Compared to UV-vis and SSF methods, the PRS2 is significantly more sensitivity in the detection of both concentration- and time-dependent porphyrin aggregation.



porphyrins||scattering||fluorescence emission||depolarization