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King, Stephanie B

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Wiseman, William M.

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Dissertation - Open Access


Community College Leadership

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Doctor of Philosophy


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The purpose of this study is to ascertain students’ perspectives on dual enrollment and dual credit in a south Mississippi community college. The problem is the need to understand the perceptions of students regarding dual enrollment and dual credit to help foster better policies surrounding the program, help promote positive benefits for the students, and overall improve dual enrollment and dual credit to better suit the growing need and demand for a college degree. Dual enrollment and dual credit have become prominent in the U.S. Many studies have shown to have positive outcomes including increased high school completion rates, improved college persistence, and higher degree completion. The research was conducted using a questionnaire by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (NACEP) that surveyed community college students at a south Mississippi community college to determine their perspectives of dual enrollment and dual credit. All participants were over the age of 18. Only those students who were dually enrolled or took dual credit classes in high school were allowed to participate in this study. The descriptive research study was used to obtain information that describes existing opportunities by asking past dual enrollment and dual credit students about their perspectives, attitudes, and beliefs about college preparedness and dual enrollment and dual credit. This study is constructed to give a detailed analysis of self-reported data by an elite group of individuals (dual enrollment and dual credit participants) at a specific time. The participants were asked a series of questions using a questionnaire to collect data about their dual enrollment and dual credit experience. Students in the study felt that dual credit and dual enrollment and dual credit was good, and they would recommend it to other students. These perceptions were especially true for those students with lower high school GPAs and in families where the mother had less education.



advantages of dual enrollment||issues of dual enrollment||nation and state dual enrollment