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Dissertation - Open Access


Instructional Technology

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Doctor of Education


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Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development


The Mississippi Student Progress Monitoring System (MSPMS) was developed for the Mississippi Department of Education to be used to monitor student progress on the state framework which constitutes the curriculum for each course taught in Mississippi schools. This study was designed to investigate teachers’ perceptions of the implementation and use of the MSPMS. Research question 1 was to determine if the various independent variables of age, level of education, years of experience as an educator, level of school where teaching, perceived level of computer and/or technology comfort, perceived level of computer and/or technology experience, subject area taught, number of MSPMS tests created, number of MSPMS tests given, amount of support provided, whether program works, and importance of information gained from MSPMS made any difference in teachers’ perceptions of the implementation and use of the MSPMS; and research question 2 was to determine whether the teachers’ perceptions and the various independent variables had any significant relationships. Research question 3 looked at teachers’ attitudes toward MSPMS. There were no statistically significant differences among the dependent and independent variables. Findings for research question 2 showed that there were no statistically significant correlations among the dependent and independent variables. However, correlations among the independent variables revealed statistically significant relationships between age and years of experience, subjects taught and school level taught, technology experience and level of education, and subjects taught and number of tests given. Examination of the response frequencies for situations in the vignettes for research question 3 revealed that teachers reported feeling more frustrated than anything else when confronted with adversities with the technologies or the MSPMS. All of the findings in this study are limited to a rural Mississippi school district using MSPMS.



progress monitoring||assessment