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Schmitz, W. Darrel

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Dockery III, David T.

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Rodgers III, John C.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


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Department of Geosciences


This research has been conducted in Vicksburg Mississippi within the Vicksburg National Military Park and surrounding areas, to produce four 7.5 minute geologic maps of the area. The park service prioritized the delineation of geologic resources within the Military Park, which was achieved throughout geologic mapping. This project provides new geologic mapping to the Park by updating and integrating existing floodplain maps with new bedrock and surficial mapping within the four 7.5 min quadrangles. The objectives were to meet the mandates of the National Park Service and provide new geologic mapping to Vicksburg National Military Park as well as verify existing maps of the floodplain, within the time line of August 2014-May 2016. The resulting maps contribute to improve the understating of the geology within the Military Park, as well as provide insight to historical understanding, and engineering purposes such mining and mitigation of slope failure.



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