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Ezell, Andrew W.

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Self, Andrew Brady

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Schultz, Emily B.

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Hodges, John D.

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Graduate Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science


College of Forest Resources


Department of Forestry


Survival and growth of two oak species, water oak (Quercus nigra) and swamp chestnut oak (Quercus michauxii), and three planting stocks: 1-0 bareroot, conventional containerized, and EKOgrownTM seedlings were compared for two growing seasons. Conventional containerized seedlings had the best survival. Bareroot seedlings had the second highest survival and EKOTM seedlings had the lowest at the end of two growing seasons. Conventional containerized planting stock exhibited greater groundline diameter (GLD) growth for both species at the end of the first growing season compared to bareroot and EKOTM planting stock. Bareroot seedlings had similar GLD growth to EKOTM seedlings for both years. Conventional containerized seedlings height differed in water oak but did not differ in swamp chestnut oak at the end of year two compared to bareroot seedlings. EKOTM seedlings exhibited severe dieback at the end of both growing seasons and the least amount of height growth.



Survival||Growth||Oak||Hurricane Katrina||Planting stock